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Guangzhou Chuanbo Information Technology Co., Ltd., known as Chuanbo Technology, is at the forefront of China's innovative technology sector. This dynamic enterprise specializes in the research, development, production, sales, and operation of intelligent commercial equipment, seamlessly integrating these processes to deliver cutting-edge solutions to the market.



Chuanbo Technology's commitment to innovation is matched by its robust scientific quality management system, which has earned it a reputation for steady and reliable development. The company's practical and technically excellent products have positioned it as a leading name in commercial technology. Its product portfolio includes a wide array of commercial intelligent equipment, such as automatic cotton candy machines, popcorn machines, balloon machines, ice cream machines, milk tea machines, 360┬░rolling cars, and various vending machines.

The company's dedication to quality is evident in its numerous certifications, including ISO9001 for quality management, CB, CE, SAA, CNAS, RoHS, and others. These certifications are a testament to Chuanbo Technology's adherence to international standards and its focus on safety and reliability.


Guangzhou Chuanbo Information Technology Co., Ltd.

With years of experience and technological accumulation, Chuanbo Technology has become a powerhouse in the commercial automation equipment market. The company's independent research and development has led to the creation of over 100 terminals and more than 20 design patents and utility model patents. By leveraging the latest technologies in artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, cloud services, and big data, Chuanbo Technology simplifies complexities to deliver superior intelligent retail equipment. This approach has helped to usher in a new era of unmanned self-service retail intelligence.

In 2021, Chuanbo Technology's commitment to integrity and excellence was recognized with the prestigious AAA China Integrity Entrepreneur, AAA Integrity Management Demonstration Enterprise, and China Integrity Supplier Credit Enterprise awards. These accolades reflect the company's dedication to providing high-performance products to the global market.

about us

Guangzhou Chuanbo Information Technology Co., Ltd.

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Guangzhou Chuanbo Technology is empowering the new retail sector with intelligent solutions, enriching the lives of consumers with the wonders of technology. The company's mission is to continue pushing the boundaries of innovation, delivering exceptional products that anticipate and fulfill the needs of a rapidly evolving market.

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