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Commercial Sugar Painting Making Machine

Manufacturer Fully Automatic Cotton Candy Vending Machine

Commercial Sugar Painting Making Machine

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China

Brand Name: Chuanbo technology

Power: 30w~130w/Commercial S machine

Product name: New Design Sugar Painting Vending Machine

Size: 79 * 70 * 225 (including top)

Weight: 150kg

Working voltage: 110-220v

Power: 30w~130w

Balloon capacity: 6 types of balloon(180 in total)

Screen size: 21.5 inch touch screen

MOQ: 1 Set

Certificate: CE/CB/ROHS/ISO9001

Color: Customized Color Painting Sticker

    Procuct Parameters

    Product Name:

    Automatic Candy Painting Machine


    155+ (Customizable)

    The Screen:

    21.5 Inch Touch Screen

    Machine Weight:

    About 150kg

    Cleaning Method:

    Automatic Cleaning

    220about 150kg




    Product Size:

    79 * 70 * 225 (Including Top

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    Product Details

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    As the product of the combination of traditional culture and modern technology, the advantages of automatic sugar painting machine are mainly reflected in the following aspects:
    1. Unified standard ** : The sugar painting pattern made by the machine is neat and the standard is unified, and each product is the same quality, ensuring the stability of the product and avoiding the individual differences brought by manual production;
    2. ** Variety of patterns ** : Automatic sugar painting machine is equipped with more than 150 kinds of pattern templates, can produce a variety of sugar painting, to meet different customer preferences;
    3.** Easy to health management ** : automatic operation of the machine, reducing manual contact, easier to keep the production environment clean and hygienic, in line with the requirements of food safety;
    4.** Reduce costs ** : In the long run, the automatic sugar painting machine does not need personnel waiting near the machine, which can greatly reduce labor costs, thereby improving the profit margin of operation;
    5. Innovative inheritance ** : Automatic sugar painting machine on the basis of retaining traditional sugar painting skills, through technological innovation, so that this traditional cultural form is more suitable for the needs of modern market economy, which is conducive to the inheritance and development of traditional culture;
    6. ** Environmental protection and energy saving ** : Compared with traditional manual production, modern automatic sugar painting machine has less energy use and material waste, and is more in line with the concept of green environmental protection;
    7. Strong sense of science and technology ** : Automatic sugar painting machine is convenient to operate, with a modern and scientific appearance, which can attract customers' attention and increase their interest in watching and buying;
    8.** Strong adaptability ** : This machine can be used in a variety of occasions, such as tourist attractions, shopping malls, schools, celebrations, etc., strong adaptability.
    These advantages of the automatic sugar painting machine make it a model of the combination of traditional cultural innovation and automation technology, which not only brings changes to the traditional sugar painting industry, but also provides a new way for the inheritance and development of traditional culture.

    Our Product Advantages

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    The automatic sugar painting machine is suitable for various occasions that require rapid and mass production of sugar painting, such as temple fairs, festivals, tourist attractions, etc., and is also suitable for shopping malls, celebrations and other occasions that require standard and diversified patterns.

    Sugar Pattern

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    About Us

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